Wagzee Odour Remover Spray for Dogs & Cats - Dog Odour Remover Spray - Lavender Fragrance | Harsh Chemical Free & Plant Based Formula - 200ml-1696872883

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Deep cleaning, dust repellency, multi-surface cleaner and remover finger marks - 5 litre✔ SAFE FOR USE ON ALL OUTDOOR SURFACES - Tired of overpowering animal smells? Our dog and cat odour remover spray combats the bad kitty stench left in the litter box, dog urine on kennel surfaces, or anywhere else the stink of pet waste is a problem.It is the best deodorizer for any lawn, floow, concrete, artificial turf, patio, deck, dog run, or carpet.
✔ FORGET ABOUT SMELLS & ODOURS: No matter how much we love our furry friends, theres something we all have to admit. Nobody loves that distinct "wet pet" smell. This wonderful dog stain and odour remover is here to get rid of that, along with all other unpleasant animal odours!
✔ REFRESHING LAVENDER FRAGRANCE & COMPLETELY NON-TOXIC: Unlike other dog odour removal or cleaner Our natural odour eliminating formula is 100% safe for pets and people without harsh cleaners or chemicals. Featuring a light and delightful lavender fragrance, our cat urine odour remover or dog pee odour remover acts as a odour neutralizer & deodorizer.
✔ ELIMINATES RESISTANT ODOURS AND RESIDUE: Our odour remover spray is great for carpets, hard floors, furniture and fabrics. Our dog odour spray attacks the smell at the source to help remove odours of all types. From stinky yellow pet urine and faeces to vomit and other organic spills, our professional strength formula tackles them all.
✔ 100% NATURAL ODOUR REMOVER SPRAY: Our Odour Remover for Cats Spray is packed with natural ingredients to ensure it doesn’t aggravate allergies and irritate sensitive pet noses. We care about making a great Odour Remover Spray with the strength to destroy messes, and keeping you and your pets happy.

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