Sugarcane Conditioner For Dry, Frizzy and Damaged Hair - 300ml



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Untamed, frizzy and dry? That’s not how hair should be. Replenish moisture to your strands with WOW Skin Science Sugarcane Conditioner. It is a softening and hydrating conditioner that replenishes lost moisture to strands. It is infused with the nourishing and moisturizing goodness of sugarcane extract, sweet almond oil and pro-vitamin. Helps to condition rough cuticles and protect breakage-prone, coarse strands.
It helps to improve hair elasticity and strength, smoothen rough cuticles and boost texture and appearance. Your hair is manageable, looks healthy and luxuriant. If you have rough, dry hair that needs moisturization and protection from damage then this conditioner is the way to go. It smoothens rough cuticles and restore hair’s moisture barrier. It also helps to boost scalp health and condition the strands and form a protective barrier to help prevent breakage.
Sugarcane Extract is rich in vitamin B, amino acid, zinc and flavonoids. Amino acid helps to repair damaged hair and improve tensile strength of the strands. Vitamin B nourishes the scalp and boost root health. Flavonoids protect scalp and hair from oxidative stress and zinc prevents build-up on the scalp. Almond Oil with essential fatty acids and vitamins B1, B6 & E helps to moisturize hair and boost shine. The actives condition your hair and give it a healthy shine.
Results vary depending on the condition of your hair. You need to be regular in using the product to see real results. Since this is a natural product, it may take some time before you notice any visible change. Always follow the usage direction to get the best out of your product.


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