Unbreakable Double Layer Plastic Watering Can with Sprayer for Plants Watering Can Sprinkler for Plants Hand Held Watering Wand Bottles for Garden Home Gardening (5 LTR)



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★★★ [ Satisfying Double Handle and Long Spout ] : The design of the double handle watering gives you more options, one-handed or two-handed use, which also brings more convenience to Adult and children. The long spout with long watering range. which makes the watering pot is easy to reach hanging plants or the plants back of the shelf. And you can easy to watering your plants from porch to instead of walking along the sidewalk, Its great for both indoor and outdoor plants.
★★★ [ Strong and Durable Material ] : Garden watering can is made of high-grade double layered ABS PP. Compared with ordinary watering cans, it is thicker and more load-bearing. The inside and bottom of the kettle are thickened, which is super durable, will not leak. This undoubtedly increases its lifespan, and this lovely watering can outdoor will accompany you for longer.
★★★ [ Excellent Top Design and Large Capacity ] : Plant pouring watering can has a unique lid designed on the top for more peace of mind. The water can has a large water storage capacity, which can water a variety of plants at one time, reducing the trouble of frequent water injection and making it more convenient.
★★★ [ Detachable Shower Nozzle Design ] : Plant watering can perfectly combine the two watering methods of shower and water column, you can switch at will. When you install the shower head, your plants can enjoy fine and even water droplets. Can also be switched to water column irrigation . Fully meet the bathing needs of indoor and outdoor plants.


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