obliq dd 3 in 1 Post Pregnancy Belt for Belly, Waist & Pelvis Slimming Shapewear for After Delivery C-Section Abdomen Reduction Posture Corrector Stomach Wrap(Non toxic)Beige,X-Large Waist,37-42 Inches



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Soft & Breathable: Made from stretchy, breathable and lightweight fabrics. Flexible and breathable, easy to clean. Postpartum belly belt is made of polyamide and elastane, Ultra-breathable to wear in all seasons. Unlike other girdles which roll up when tightly fitted, this girdle is made such that there is an inherent boning structure that prevents these roll-ups and offers excellent support to the back and tightens the tummy.
3 IN 1 & Adjustable: The set contains belly, waist and pelvis binders in one set, fulfills all your needs throughout the post pregnancy recovery process. This postnatal girdle helps you quickly restore body shape, ease post partum discomfort & regain confidence. The belly belt has 3 closures to enable you to easily adjust its tightness on your body to loosen or tighten pressure. It is stretchy enough to allow for the most comfortable compression.
Speeds up Recovery: Your body has just carried a miracle; its time to get your body back in shape. Whether you go through vaginal birth or c section, your pelvis has widened to get you ready for labor. Use the pelvis band to get your pelvis back in shape. The belly & waist binders can help to support your back, reducing backaches and help you to keep a good posture while breastfeeding your baby.
Multi-Support: There are 3 closures that enhance the postpartum girdle wraps flexibility and stretching ability, and 2 extra belts help to target specific areas which need support , enabling you to tighten your postpartum belly in the most scientific way. This postpartum belly wrap is equipped with 6 layers of cotton fabric, making it more breathable, sweat-wicking and a cool-dry wrap.


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