WOW Life Science Peanut Butter with Sattu (Creamy) - 500 gm | High Protein with 28g Protein per 100g | For Nutrition Rich Snacking - Weight Management, Muscle Building and Healthy Lifestyle | Sweetened with Jaggery



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Nutrition Rich - Our Creamy Sattu Peanut Butter is loaded with nutrients. It provides 28g protein per 100g and is an excellent source of fiber, good fats, and many key vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help with meeting your nutrition goals of supporting healthy weight, building muscles and keeping bones strong and healthy.
Fortified with Sattu - Our Creamy Sattu Peanut Butter contains a healthy mix of Bold-Grade Roasted Peanuts and is enriched with indigenous protein-rich superfood, Sattu (roasted chana powder)
Health Benefits - Our Creamy Sattu Peanut Butter helps to enhance your energy levels, supports a healthy weight, and muscle building, boosts energy, and also promotes overall heart health.
Healthy and Tasty Snacking - Our Creamy Sattu Peanut Butter is sweetened with jaggery. It is the perfect combination of taste and health and can be relished as a healthy, nutritious, and protein-rich snack at any time of the day.


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