ASG Point to Point CBSE Sample Paper Science | Class 10 for 2023 Board Exam | Latest Sample Papers 2023 (New paper pattern based on CBSE Sample Paper released on 16th September, 2022)



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The book is based on the latest CBSE Pattern and Syllabus based on the design of a sample question paper issued by CBSE on 16th September, 2022. The best part is that with these 15+1 sample papers, you will not need any other practice material because each question paper consists of subjective and objective questions including all question typologies.
This sample paper book begins with Basic Concepts for Quick Revision of each chapter which in turn provides a snapshot of the entire chapter and facilitates the purpose of last minute revisionary notes needed by the students.
A blueprint based on the paper released by the CBSE Board has also been included in this book, to enable the students to get the unit wise weightage and the marking scheme of the paper.
Effort has been made to design each sample paper on the basis of the CBSE Sample Paper 2023, hence ,all typology of questions which are to be tested in the annual examination 2023


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