A2 Ghee Organic | 100% Desi A2 Gir Cow Ghee | Traditional Vedic Bilona Method | Handmade Curd Churned| Pure A2 Cow Ghee, Natural & Healthy| Lab Tested & Certified - 250ml



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✔100% PURE A2 COW DESI GHEE DIRECTLY FROM FARM: Our 5:15PM A2 DESI GHEE COW is nutritious, healthy and pure which is made from A2 milk of Desi Gir Cow. Our A2 Ghee Cow is 100% natural, produced by grass-fed Indian desi cow A2 milk.
✔MADE BY TRADITIONAL BILONA METHOD- Our 5 15PM A2 Gir Ghee is handmade with traditional bilona method. The process involves boiling raw, unprocessed cow milk and then converting it to curd in a clay pot. Furthermore, the curd is hand-churned and it then forms Makhan (butter) to help retain the nutrients. The final step is separating the butter (by boiling the butter) to form the A2 ghee.
✔FLAVOURFUL, PLEASANT AROMA & NUTRITIOUS - Our 5:15PM A2 Gir Cow Ghee Organic is full of beautiful pleasant aroma and nutritive fatty acids, an ideal fat source for Indian vegetarian diet. Blessed with balanced omega 3 and omega 6, its regular consumption enhances physical and mental strength for a balanced and active lifestyle. It keeps the body healthy and increases the potency of the body.
✔ENDLESS BENEFITS: Our 515 pm A2 Desi Ghee Lowers Bad Cholesterol, boosts metabolism, enhances eyesight and improves the potency of the body.the immune system. It is great for anti-aging and is also used as a nasal drop. Its highly nutritive, cooling in nature, tonic for our vital organs, easily digestible and whose consumption promotes immunity and longevity.


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