beatXP NeoChef Multipurpose Digital Weight Machine for Home Kitchen | Chefs & Food Diet | Portable Food Weighing Scale with 4 Measurement Units & LCD Display | 18 Months Warranty



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✔️ [5 KG LOAD CAPACITY] : This NeoChef Kitchen weight machine has a capacity of 1 g to 5 kg. Whether you are a baking enthusiast or trying to portion control your diet, use the kitchen scale to measure ingredients, both solid and liquid, with utmost accuracy.
✔️ [4 MEASUREMENT UNITS] : The NeoChef kitchen weight scale has a unit conversion button on the panel to easily change the measurement unit to kilogram (kg), ounce (oz), pound (lbs), and milliliters (ml). No more confusion or hassle of converting the measurements to the desired unit when following the recipes online.
✔️ [TARE FUNCTION] : Bake a chocolate cake to perfection with the tare function, an essential feature in any food weighing scale. It allows you to reset the scale to zero without having to remove the already weighed items in the measuring cup or bowl.
✔️ [HIGHLY ACCURATE] : The NeoChef Kitchen weight machine for food diet has high precision sensors because accuracy is important for any master chef to perfect their recipe. Follow correct measurements while designing control diets for people with dietary restrictions or counting calories in the food.


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