ZIXAD Door Knob Wall Protector Door Bumper Wall Protector ,Self Adhesive Clear Door Stopper Knob Pads,Soft Reusable Rubber Wall Protectors Shield (Wall Protector)



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Andhra Pradesh Capital Region

IMAGEN how life will be SUPER QUIET -The innovative clear gel material is highly shock absorbent, so when your door handle hits the stopper it will absorb the sound as well as the impact. They are so durable, they will never crack or break, Enjoy to sleep and work comfortably with Wrlmi door stopper.
Flexible and Durable:environmentally friendly soft rubber material,good elasticity,can reduce the impact noise of the contact surface.At the same time,a strong adhesive is used,which has good adhesion and will not fall off easily.
Easy To Install:self-adhesive design,can be pasted by tearing off the protective paper (keep the wall clean and dry before use),no tools are needed.
Widely Used:this shock-absorbing soft rubber door stop can also be used to protect headboards,refrigerator doors,cabinet doors,toilet lids, drawers,table corners, etc.


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