Growing Villagers Kache Keri Ka Achar Homemade Rajasthani Raw Mango Pickle ( Tasty Masala Coated In Less Oil / Sukha Aam Ka Achar ) Jar Of 500 Grams



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Homemade And Handmade :- All Our Products Are Handmade And Homemade In Small Batches To Maintain Top Quality
Delicious Rajasthani Taste :- Pickles Will Give You Garranted Authentic Tradional Taste Of Rajasthan,As Rajasthani Peoples Are Known As Experts Of Making Pickles.
Oil Used :- We Are Using Top Quality Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil In Making Of Pickles,As The Real Taste Of Pickles Only Comes Out With Mustard Oil.
No Artifical Flavour :- We Are Not Using Any Kind Of Artifical Flavour Or Vinegar In Our Pickles,The Original Sourness Come Out From The Traditional Process Of Making Pickles.


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