QUBO 16A Wifi + BT Smart Plug from Hero Group, Energy Monitoring, Suitable for large appliances like ACs, Geysers & Water Pumps (Voice Control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)-1696742567




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Compatible with heavy appliances like ACs, Heaters, Geysers, Water Pumps etc. With remote control through voice and app control you can control them conveniently using your phone or google assistant and alexa devices to switch on/off, or to set schedules and timers on them.
Energy Consumption Monitoring - Manage, track and conserve energy consumption of appliances efficiently with access to real time power monitoring.
Scheduler - Use the app to create customized schedules to automate your daily activities. Like schedule to switch on the geyser to turn on at 7am every morning and switch off at 7:30am and avoid getting out of bed half an hour earlier just to switch on the geyser.
Timer - No more panic. Never forget to switch off an appliance again by setting up a smart timer on them. You can conserve energy like in the case of ACs, heaters or also protect your devices from overcharging like in the case of phone and laptop chargers.

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